Welcome to what we hope you will find to be one of the most informative sites concerning Arabian horses. Our goal has been to collate as much exciting and important information about this breed of horse, for those who have an interest in it. Some are interested in Arabian horses concerning their skills as a racehorse. Then, others are keen on knowing more about their performance capabilities as champions. In addition to this, there are those who are thinking of becoming an owner of an Arabian horse and want to know more about them.

The Importance of Horse Racing

While the Arabian horse is vital in many different aspects, it has to be recognised for its contributions to horse racing, as this sport can be critical to the economy. Horse racing is an excellent form of entertainment, not only for those who enjoy watching the races but perhaps betting on them as well.

Horses That Keep on Giving

Most breeds of horses have something unique about them. When it comes to Arabians, some of their strongest attributes are their warm, friendly nature, intermingled with their high energy levels and intelligence. Some horses just keep on giving even as they age. An excellent example of this is a horse called Psalm, who is proving to be of great comfort to a young person with autism.

Our Highlights

With there being such an interest in the Arabian horse in countries such as Australia, we wanted to be sure to provide a good selection of posts here to meet the interests of everyone. These include:

  • Looking at some of the famous Arabian horses; this helps those who are interested in understanding the bloodlines that are so important for this breed.
  • Some history about famous Arabian horses connected to Australia. It is nice to know more about this breed, and how they have come to be so important.
  • When it comes to Arabian horseracing, it usually consists of teamwork which includes the jockeys. We wanted to pay homage to them, which we have done in an interesting post.

These are just a few highlights of the exciting information you will find here.